Mentoring Day

26 04 2010

A day (well a few hours actually) of shooting a list of themes.  Basically here was a list of 7 or so items, worth a certain number of points.  Wandering the streets of Melbourne, split into two teams, we had to shoot the list of topics, process, and get back for judging.

Though photoshop was not banned from use, I made the decision with the team to use only what we could achieve in our cameras, and with the equipment we had brought in our bags (yes you could argue that bringing a laptop, with Photoshop would count, but we wanted more shooting time, and less editing time).

Making our way from Melbourne central towards Chinatown, we then slowly made our way up till we got to a dark alley I had used once before for a shoot. The space I had used last time was closed off, so that was a loss, but a roller door was open, and inside was a wonderfully dirty, greasy, smelly and dark room. A room with character, and many of the elements we needed for the shoot.



Using the multiple exposure setting of the Nikon D700, and a remote trigger flash, I was able to create this shot.



Again in the same area, this shot was taken with the D700 and a flash hand held above. There is glass, hair and grease in this photo, and it smelt as bad as it looked.

The idea of the day of shooting was to have fun, but also expose some of the newer photographers to the thinking of those whom are maybe slightly more experienced, giving each of them a chance to take photos, or even plan the direction of the shoot. This will be one of many such days in the year ahead.

Hopefully next time there will be less topics, and more time to share ideas. 🙂


Taken by one of the team members, shows me preparing the horror shot. Thanks Sam.
Setting Up




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