My Style

I really enjoy shooting people, now other than photography where can I say that without getting in trouble ? Photographing people is one of the most rewarding aspects of photography. I really enjoy street candid photography, it is a style that if done wrong can land you in a lot of trouble. Candid photography is not about snapping photos of that pretty girl who’s skirt has blow up in the wind. It is about catching the raw emotion of a person when they least expect it.

I guess the best way to describe my style is through pictures. When I say I like to capture emotion, I often like to capture it in the middle of action. The melbourne pillow fight was a place to offer such examples of candid photos.

In The Middle Of Battle

To break down the different styles into headings:
This style speaks for it’s self, I think we all know what a wedding is.

20081018- Car Post Production

I love to capture nature when I can, there is so much beauty out there, and so much of it unseen by many.




Fallen Angel

Model Shoots
Rock Climbing

Impromptu Model Shoots
B&W Old School

Getting Ready



School Formals


Cosplay Schoolgirl

to be continued…

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