Wedding Photography

In brief my services for the day may include the following:

5,7 or 9 hours of shooting (depending on what sort of package you decide to pick)
Locations :
* Brides house (bride getting ready)
* Grooms house (Groom getting ready – time permitting)
* The venue of the wedding ceremony , for example the Church, the park, etc.
* Depending on time, various locations around Melbourne.
* The reception to the cutting of the cake.
* Time permitting any family shots you may also want.

What you get:
* Depending on the time 100-500 full quality JPG files.
* You also get the same number of original RAW camera files (these are like digital negatives of your photos). This allows you to do any post processing you desire, while retaining the full quality as it came from the camera.
* Web published photos of some of the better shots of the day, without copyright, that you can share with your friends, or to access the photos before the DVD’s arrive.
* All will be colour corrected to ensure that you are happy with the results.
* A few will be touched up in photoshop, airburshed, or post produced to give a more dramatic look.

* “Meet the photographer” session. This is a free session before your wedding day where we can meet, and you can get an idea of my shooting style, and the results you will get. It is generally a walk around Melbourne city, with a few photographs in a few different locations, but if you have a place you would prefer, St Kilda beach for example, this is negotiable. These are also provided to you for free, on DVD.

The other services I offer are:
* Skin smoothing, and light air brushing. I do not generally do a lot of this, but I find it is more requested in asian weddings than western weddings. These services come at a price.

At the end of the day, I can shoot whatever style you like. I fully understand that certain photographers have certain styles, and should you not see what you like, then I am more than happy to recommend come other photographers to you. Also in the event that I am booked out on the weekend you are planning, I will also recommend some photographers to you.

You will also notice that I have not mentioned albums, I am not a big fan of them, I supply you with the photos, and the negative that you can then create your own album using one of the many sites available (I can recommend a couple of pro places, or you could even use Teds for example). My service is for the budget conscious person, I am not out to rip people off. Basically you are just paying for my time to shoot, no fluff on albums.

One complaint I hear from most people is they pay a lot for an album, look at it once or twice and that is that. I do know people who can help you with albums, but I make no guarantee about the price they will charge.


As a frequent nightclub photographer I specialise in posed, candid and general nightclub photography.  I can make your club look busier than it is, but if it is empty there is not much I can do.


Other photography styles are available


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