Cristian & Dalia

1 11 2011

So a long time friend of mine had twins… Yeah!!! So over the weekend I got the chance to photographer her and her lovely babies..

So you have to do the standards family shot..


But then you can start having fun with the twins.. 🙂

First together…

Then separately


more to come…


Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2011

30 10 2011

Well it was Zombie Shuffle time, and it was pretty scarey for all those whom were not zombies 🙂

Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2011

Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2011

Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2011

Rosebud Sunset

4 09 2011

Wanting to do something with my Sunday evening, we drove down to Rosebud, to try to catch the sunset.

The results will follow shortly.

golden horizon

Patong Beach Sunset Silhouette

17 08 2011

While on holidays in Thailand, I managed to take a couple of nice Silhouettes, this is one of my favs from the night.

Patong Beach Sunset silhouette

A Rainbow Of Colours

13 06 2011

A Rainbow Of Colours

Flaming Fingers

8 05 2011

I has been a while since I have updated my site.. Suppose I should get back to it 🙂

Flaming Fingers

Walking On Water

20 03 2011

Just a quick post as it has been a while..

Sunday Stroll